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Final Fantasy III


GameFAQ's Final Fantasy 3 Message Board
FF3 (SNES) message board, check out the FAQs and Guides section as well.

Master ZED's Unoriginal White Sheet
Hacking docs, monster patches, bug fix patches, game docs and more.

Terii Senshi's Final Fantasy 6 page
Algorithm's FAQ, bug fix patches, FFVI Encyclopedia, monster patches, Terii's sprite editor, Veldt monster finder program, Doom Gaze finder program and hacking guides.

Assassin's Barren Webpage
Various patches and documents. A mirror can be found here.

Shark Gaming
Shark's Celes Night Out patch plus many hosted patches.

RK Spoofs
Cecil and co. patch, Rages guide plus many monster patches.

Lord J's home page
FF3usME, sprite editor, hacking information and more.

Zophar's Domain
Various patches, SNES utilities, message boards and more.

CRK's Final Fantasy 3/6 Page
Various hacking docs.

Yoshi6400's Web Zone
Yoshi6400's download section with his Seiryuu patch. Yoshi6400's How to Blitz guide can also be found here.

Bunghole's Completely and Utterly Useless Crap
Your Bunghole's patches section with his Light Warriors vs. Final Fantasy VI patch.

Dingo's Den
Orion's Belt, Lucifer and Grand Evil patches.

GLoC's indestructible
GLoC's "indestructible" patch.

Phantasian Productions
Hacking information and patches.

Drakkhen8's FF3us Patch Page
Various patches.

Imzogelmo's Final Fantasy III Not-Even-Penultimate ROM Resource
Various patches.

Djibriel's Collapse of Heaven and Earth page
A lot of FFV stuff but also has a big page about dummied stuff in FF3us/6j.

Corundum's Final Fantasy VI site
Contains a document listing treasure chest contents and their location.

The 6th Lime, Caesar and Windwaker's FFIV Animation Notes site
As the title indicates, notes on animations. Also visit The 6th Lime's old site for more notes.

Dark Locke's Final Fantasy III Webhouse
No-equipment challenge FAQ, monster hack and gameplay hack.

BlitzKrieg Innovations
Shop editor and hardtype hacks.

RPGOne Translations
Japanese to english re-translation, bug fix patches, walkthrough and more.

Cyan's Translations
Bug fix patches and more.