How to Blitz

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How to Blitz

Postby Master ZED » Sun Sep 05, 2004 3:55 am

0. Don't post your own How to Blitz topic, or I will beat the living hell out of you. Namely by completely ruining your post and locking the thread, because I am cruel and ever-so-slightly immature enough to enjoy such an act.

1. Click this link and follow it to greatness:

2. Defeat Vargas with your l3e7 pUmMeL sKiLlS!

3. Go to GameFAQs and demand CJayC post this on the site by e-mailing him. One way or another, it must go up!

4. Once you know how to Blitz, proceed to whine and complain every time someone else posts that they can't figure out Pummel, acting like you never had a problem with it. It is the only way to truly master this rather boring art.

Good luck! :mrgreen:
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