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Algorithms FAQ updating thread

PostPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2015 8:02 pm
by Assassin
to continue the hallowed tradition of topics full of change lists for guides that will probably never be updated:

* The main damage portion of Stunner is unblockable, but the special
effect will only try to inflict the ailment 116/256 of the time
(116 = 256 - 140).

it actually tries to inflict the ailment 140/256 of the time. i "contributed" the 116/256 to the guide way back when following a Carry Flag confused me. apologies for any trouble this caused.

i was aware of this for many years, but Lord Bob Bree's and Storm_WHM's exchange here: ... e/72711130

convinced me i should put it in writing somewhere outside the disassembly.


If Strago has any of the following statuses when the lore
is cast, then he won't learn the lore: Wound, Petrify, Zombie, Dark, Sleep,
Muddle, Stop, Hide, Rage, Freeze.

add Berserk after Muddle. Terii's disassembly comments included it, but it was strangely missed here. thanks to JIM12306 for bringing it to my attention.


3) in Section 6.4 Morph :



Walking on
the overworld map adds 192 to the counter for each step taken; walking in
caves, towns, etc. where monsters can be encountered adds 112 to the counter
for each step.

those are right for a majority of zones, but incomplete. the two map types each have 4 levels.

for overworld, it's:
192 (normal encounter)
96 (less encounter)
384 (more encounter)
0 (no encounter) #

for dungeons/towns/etc, it's:
112 (normal encounter)
64 (less encounter)
352 (more encounter)

* not actually used in the game, but the option is there.
# option not actually used in the game, but some tiles won't allow encounters (i.e. relevant function is skipped rather than it adding 0).

while dungeons lack 0 as an option, i think some screens (e.g. one in Zone Eater) have a similar deal, skipping the relevant function and avoiding encounters.


5) not a correction, but an addition:



6) another addition:


Re: Algorithms FAQ updating thread

PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 4:51 am
by Assassin
7) some additions and clarifications to Section 2.8 Battle Timing are in the FAQ section of my "Premature Continuation fix" Readme:

Djibriel's walkthrough's Section 7.4 Battle Timing also has a clarification: the paragraph starting with "Note that the % chances of Seize, Poison and Regen/Seizure add up to a 100 %?".

my "general running check" addition needs work, as it was written when i knew less. what's in the co-opted C2 disassembly now for C2/5BD0 is superior.


8} from my same Readme FAQ entry as #7, there's "A minor correction and expansion to Condemned in Section 2.7". my numbers use the behind-the-scenes timer value; if you're indeed going for the onscreen one, you'll want to tweak what i have to:

Timer = 80 - a random number from level to ((2 * level) - 1)
If this value is less than 19, then the countdown timer is set to 19 instead.
Level refers to the level of the monster/character that cast the spell that caused
Condemned status.
For purposes of a starting status (e.g. Cursed Shield), attacker Level is treated as

Re: Algorithms FAQ updating thread

PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2016 8:05 am
by Assassin
9) for Section 2.10 Finding Doom Gaze , it actually has two locations. (okay, as Lenophis discovered, it actually actually has FOUR locations, but the game doesn't check the last two.)

and according to WhPlague, he won't be met if you're "sliding" using the Y button: ... i/64087270

Re: Algorithms FAQ updating thread

PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:22 pm
by Assassin
10) from Sections 3.8 and 3.10 (Dice and Fixed Dice):
Skips all normal steps for physical damage calculation.

not entirely true. while it abandons the physical damage formula, it does still perform (and not override) Step 5, "Damage Multipliers #1", which include attacker Morph, Berserk, critical hits, and enemy Specials. and those last three (with Berserk's boost confirmed in playtesting by multiple people) are specific to physical attacks.

it was covered way back when by MeepleLard and others: ... e/53086663 ... e/68845242

but it took a recent topic to remind me: ... e/75943015

[EDIT]and critical with Dice indeed works, but without the screen flash, due to the attack's custom animation.[/EDIT]

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:42 am
by Assassin
Code: Select all
Dance move         Power     Physical  Ign. Def  Unblock    Hit Rate
Sand Storm         45        No        No        Yes        n/a

actually, it's not unblockable, and has a Hit Rate of 100. maybe he copy+pasted from the similar Rage or Wind Slash?


12) Section 5.3 Charm Bangle:

"Decreases amount of random encounters by 25%. [...]"

no, this is an oversimplification (or an outdated guess) that should be tossed. change it to "Lowers random encounters by adding 50% less per step to the counter used in Section 2.3." or simply drop the "by 25%" from the current wording, as you mention Section 2.3 in the next sentence.