Fun fact #2: Whom reflected spells hit

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Fun fact #2: Whom reflected spells hit

Postby Assassin » Thu Sep 01, 2005 11:30 pm

I actually made this over a year ago, and had Mnrogar and ZED look at it, but then just sat on it. The information, particularly whom the reflected spell favors in retargeting, is something subtle lots of people might not know.

This was written like an Algorithms FAQ section, and accordingly, any mentions of Section #s are referring to that guide.

X.NN Reflected Spells

First, note that Clear overrides Reflect; if a monster/character has both
statuses, an otherwise reflectable spell will hit them.

Damage has already been calculated for all the targets who were hit by the
initial spellcast. The damage calculated from Steps 1 through 5 in Section 2.1
has also been saved; now that value is halved. (If the reflected spell does
damage or healing proportional to the target's HP/MP, or has its damage
determined by a special effect, this halving will often be ignored.)

Regardless of how many targets the initial spell has, every individual
reflection it produces is handled separately. Each of these bounces is almost
like a new spellcast, having these properties:

- It's unreflectable.
- It's single-target.
- It targets the party opposing the reflector.
- It chooses a target randomly.

Several steps are needed to determine the final target of a given reflection:

1) All members of the party opposing the reflector are marked as potential
2) Jumping/Sneezed/etc entities are deducted from these targets (which is
really the rule rather than the exception).
3) If the spell cannot target the dead, Wounded and Hidden characters/monsters
are subtracted from these targets.
4) If the original caster aimed at their own party, skip to Step 8.
5) If the reflector is Muddled, skip to Step 8.
6) Do a 50/50 coinflip. Half the time, skip to Step 8.
7) If the original spell caster belongs to the party that's going to be hit by
the bounce, mark them as the sole target.
8) Randomly choose a target from the remaining targets. Each of them has the
same probability of being picked.

Now that the target's been chosen, the game has to determine whether it is hit.
See Section 2.2, Hit Determination.

If the attack hits, the damage or healing it does to that target needs to be
figured. As mentioned above, Steps 1 through 5 of the Damage Calculation
(see Section 2.1) have already been performed, as they don't hinge on a
specific target's attributes. Also, that damage has been halved. Now, doing
Steps 6 through 9 will yield the final damage/healing sustained by a reflectee.
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