Caved in

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Caved in

Postby Novalia Spirit » Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:09 am

So, I was working on commenting bank EE as I have been doing for the past few weeks, and I decided to try to figure out what purpose the pointers at EE/B260 serve. After studying the relevant function at EE/942F and setting a breakpoint on the "load event bits" instruction found in said function, it became apparent that this function simply redraws portions of the overworld map depending on the specified event bits, and that the aforementioned pointers are simply providing the information, through a table, required to achieve this. While I was commenting the table for myself and using my event bit listing as a reference, I noticed a bit number that seemed really out of place: bit #$279. Here's the description from my listing:

279 CF:1 (Set by stepping on a certain tile in Umaro's cave. Seems useless.)

The following image shows the exact location of the event that sets this bit:


Since the table in which this is found pertains to the World of Balance map, I knew that this was going to make a change to the map that could not be seen under normal circumstances, so I quickly proceeded to locate the affected area of the map by corrupting the RAM region where the map changes are made. After exploring the map for a while to locate the corrupted area, I discovered that the changes were appied to a small mountainous area situated northeast of Narshe:


From my perspective, it does seem like the opening in Umaro's cave was initially set to teleport the party to this section of the overworld map while unlocking an entrance, and that this was only meant to be used for subsequent visits via an airship, as you would otherwise be trapped inside the mountain. I have always been under the impression that this opening was originally meant to be a door, but my theory was that this would lead to the area where you can see Umaro in Narshe. Also, note that there is apparently no code assigned to the door, so nothing happens when you step in it.

Anyone interested in seeing the cave entrance by playing the game without exploiting bugs can do so by using the PAR code 7E1ECF:FF.
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Re: Caved in

Postby Deathlike2 » Fri Sep 25, 2009 12:36 am

Well, that would suggest that Umaro would have been available in the WOB, especially given the unused weaker Umaro version.
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