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Postby Lenophis » Fri Jul 18, 2008 4:52 pm

Recently the quest began to try and understand some of the undocumented ram. Yeah, you guys probably know where this is going already. I still can't over the fact that the Rams lost to the Patriots in that Super Bowl. I mean, come on.

Ok ok ok ok.

The adventure was $3204 in battle, bit 6 specifically. I haven't been able to make much headway, but this is what I have so far. When set frozen entering a battle, the ATB bar would not move. That's not saying much though... C2 only uses it a couple of times, but one routine (C2/0728) seems to indicate something. C2/0728 runs only when you are dying and not a zombie and if you are in the middle of a jump (at least, if I'm reading this right). That clears this bit, and so far the only time I've seen the bit be set in battle is when stone status succeeds in hitting. The bit is set when stone status succeeds in hitting.

Another byte was $2F4E/F. It appears to be targetting related, but that's a wild guess, as it's used less often than bit 6 of $3204 is. So far, I've seen it severely mess with monster's AI if values are frozen (and the game will sit there constantly trying to get it to succeed) and Gau returning from the Veldt uses his presence bit ($3018) to set a bit in it ($2F4E/F).

Rather baffling, anybody have any insight?
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