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About Custom Code Areas

Postby XolarDark » Sat Jun 13, 2009 6:37 pm

Hi, as you may know the game hold up the "special" efects bytes for certain spells used in the game, such as the Force Field, Dischord, Step Mines, Suplexs, Crusader, etc.

You know if we see the display list compiled by Cless, i thing, in FF3 UsME editor we see there is a lot of dummied or unknow bytes funtion that Start in that way ?(Ox.. etc.
What those umnamed bytes are?, most of them are some tipe of shorcut for possible custom codes or are mainly dummied bytes special?.

I know some of them could be used to addred up certain efect to a spell, like the "Smitar Special in a Spell" or the ramdom win slash in a spell, and this like that.

The quarel with this call my atention was this:
Terri Senshi was able to made and special custom code for is Omega Weapon Hack, using the option menu of the Lord J Editor, if we turn on bytes 47, 46 of the bytes ???Clear. It call outh some special funtion of custom codes he used in his patch. One to make and attack hit 16 times for separate damage, other to do a set value of 9998 hp, other to a always set value to 9999 hp.

He coded is patch to do some special attacks that used this feature, and this also be used simply turn on those bytes to be used in any spell of the game if one modified his patch.

Ok the matter here is this, since he was able to create those custom codes, that i already manage to put my hands in they... 8) hehe. This mean all those huge list of dummied bytes that we see displayed in lord j editor as :
up to

Could be used like a shortcut to made special custom code to be used to be imput in custom spell attacks?.
Have you thing about it some time?.
This mean a lot of hundred of possilities on a creation of custom codes.!

By the way, is there a way to make and Spell to be asociated by the "Dragon Horn" special funtion?
To make and spell act in the same random number of spells eath time it will be casted on?.
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