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Postby Rainflush » Mon May 10, 2010 12:55 am

My project is now essentially complete. A special thanks to everyone who's helped me!

If anyone wants to check it out they can send me an email (my username, though my main focus was just making the enemies more difficult, renaming things (namely monsters, items, and spells/abilities), and polishing up the dialogue by getting rid of anachronisms and slang and that sort of thing. Sound cues appear to be missing (probably due to editing the dialogue with FF3Edit) in the dialogue with Owzer prior to the Chadarnook fight as well as the dialogue before the final battle with Kefka. Most of Gau's Rage abilities have been altered in an attempt to make more of them useful, as such highly situational abilities (Life, Rflect, etcetera) have been almost completely replaced. Um, there's actually too much to document here, but basically as a whole my aim was to make the game more challenging (encouraging the player to press advantages and consider their strategy on a battle-to-battle basis), granting added utility to high number of items and abilities which were basically useless, and making the game more interesting with the addition of multitudinous minor details.

Thanks again!
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