Weapon and Spell effects editing.

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Weapon and Spell effects editing.

Postby DjinnAndTonic » Sat Oct 09, 2010 1:26 am

Specifically looking at special effects like Quadra Slam's 4x repeat effect.

In fact, I want to know if there's any space to add new spell effect commands. I'm looking at the list in FF3usME and there's just a ton of empty space, but I'm not sure if that actually corresponds to empty space on the ROM (I doubt it, but I thought I'd ask). More likely, I'll have to change an existing effect like Blowfish.

What I want to make is an "Attack 3x repeat" and an "Attack 2x repeat" effect in the same vein as Quadra Slam's effect. I figure the easiest way to do this is to copy Q.Slam's effect code and substitute a 03 or 02 (02 or 01?) in place of the turn counter.

Code: Select all
Quadra Slam, Quadra Slice, etc.
4 Random attacks

C2/40F1: A9 03        LDA #$03
C2/40F3: 8D 70 3A     STA $3A70   (# of attacks)
C2/40F6: A9 40        LDA #$40
C2/40F8: 04 BA        TSB $BA     (Sets randomize target)
C2/40FA: 9C A9 11     STZ $11A9   (Clears special effect)
C2/40FD: 60           RTS

Blow Fish

C2/40FE: A9 60        LDA #$60
C2/4100: 0C A2 11     TSB $11A2   (Set Ignore defense, and no split damage)
C2/4103: 9C 14 34     STZ $3414   (Set to not modify damage)
C2/4106: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/4108: A9 E8 03     LDA #$03E8 
C2/410B: 8D B0 11     STA $11B0   (Set damage to 1000)
C2/410E: 60           RTS

Simply replace Blow Fish's entry with Quadra Slam's and then change this:
C2/40F1: A9 03 LDA #$03
From A9 03 to A9 02 for a 3x attack.
And if I can find another unneeded, comparable-length effect, then the same idea for the 2x attack effect, right?

As for weapons/items. I was looking through the disassembly and I saw this and thought it sounded cool:
Code: Select all
C2/4DA9: F0 04        BEQ $4DAF   (Branch if Item)
C2/4DAB: C9 08        CMP #$08
C2/4DAD: D0 05        BNE $4DB4   (Branch if not Throw)
C2/4DAF: EB           XBA
C2/4DB0: 99 F4 32     STA $32F4,Y (store as item to add back to inventory.  this can
                                   happen with:
                                   1) Equipment Magic that doesn't destroy the item
                                      [no items have this, but the game supports it]
                                   2) the item user's turn never happens.  perhaps the
                                      character who acted before them won the battle.)

Permanent items that can be used for Item-casting?! Sign me up.

How would I go about making one? I'm kind of clueless here, and it seems like something that's probably been documented already and I just haven't found it on an easy google search...
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