issue with palette 6

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issue with palette 6

Postby PocoLoco19 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:16 pm

hey guys I was wondering how to go about fixing palette 6 so it will appear correctly on the save/shop menus (char changing menu as well I believe)

I know how to change the battle and over world/town pal just fine, its just for some reason it resets after pal 5 (@ least thats what I think)

which palette is being used exactly? battle or town? (or is it a 3rd set which I highly doubt), I just want to find the offset area so I can assign the new palette to certain chars, unless I am missing something else altogether

Leno told me that its the OAM and here is what I found so far

Character model 1, without transparency (7E/A0CD)
EE/6315: 06F8E8F01000E8F110F8F0F21000F0F310F8F8F41000F8F510

Character model 2, without transparency (7E/A0E6)
EE/632C: 06F8E8F01000E8F110F8F0F21000F0F31000F8F450F8F8F550

Character model 3, without transparency (7E/A0FF)
EE/6345: 0600E8F050F8E8F15000F0F250F8F0F350F8F8F41000F8F510

Character model 4, without transparency (7E/A118)
EE/635E: 0600E8F050F8E8F15000F0F250F8F0F35000F8F450F8F8F550

Character model 1, with transparency (7E/A131)
EE/6377: 06F8E8F01000E8F110F8F0F21000F0F310F8F8F40800F8F508

Character model 2, with transparency (7E/A14A)
EE/6390: 06F8E8F01000E8F110F8F0F21000F0F31000F8F448F8F8F548

Character model 3, with transparency (7E/A163)
EE/63A9: 0600E8F050F8E8F15000F0F250F8F0F350F8F8F40800F8F508

Character model 4, with transparency (7E/A17C)
EE/63C2: 0600E8F050F8E8F15000F0F250F8F0F35000F8F448F8F8F548

I'm not sure if this is the right info, but I @ least want to know where exactly the char offsets are so I can assign pal 6 myself

maybe someone can point me in the right direction

thanks in advanced
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