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Welcome to the Forums of Mnrogar's Den

Postby Mnrogar » Wed Sep 08, 2004 3:37 am

Hi and welcome to the brand new forums of Mnrogar's Den!

I will be running the message boards with Master ZED (whom I'm sure you know) as my right hand man and moderator. For those who have been living in various ditches and/or under rocks for the last several years, Master ZED is nothing short of a legend in the world of Final Fantasy 3us/6j and especially when it comes to hacking the game. His years of experience with the game and message boards make him perfectly suited to the task at hand.

Long have we yearned for decent message boards of our own since the demise of Master ZED's and Shark's message boards eons ago, well the wait is now officially over.:P There are currently no set of rules or code of behavior to abide by beyond good old common sense, just think of this place as a more relaxed gamefaqs and we'll all get along fine.

For those of you coming from the gamefaqs FF3 main board, know that here, there is no need to dread the "I think I lost my way" feeling of the gamefaqs FF3 social board. General Discussion is OUR social board. Here we can go beyond the on-topic limits set by the main FF3 board of gamefaqs with many forums but one community.

In other words, there's now no need to talk about trancer1 going on drunken escapades with Wicked Souls' main love interest, or about uncle Bob mowing his lawn in wool panties, in some poor sap's topic about his levels for the floating continent when you can make a dedicated topic to it aptly named "He does it every saturday morning" for either subject.

But enough disturbing images, as registered users you can send other users private messages, search the forums, have access to the general discussion forum, make polls and much more. So make an account and join the fun!:-)

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