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We are back up!

Postby Mnrogar » Sat Jan 14, 2006 3:17 pm

As you might have read on the home page or in ZED's topic in the short time it was available to read before I had to close everything down, our forums we hacked. Nothing to worry about as far as it wasn't a personal attack. There are plenty of hacker for boards as widespread as phpBB2.

The reason for such an attack hurting us so much is that the backups I thought were reliable were in fact incomplete (some tables were missing) and the cause of such an attack being successful is that I had failed to update the boards to the latest version of phpBB2.

The last backup is from january 6th so anything created after that (about a 3 day span) is unfortunately lost. The missing tables from the last backups were topic tables, fortunately the posts tables were saved. What this means is that I was able to restore the posts but without the topics they had nothing to link them together in the right order so they just didn't appear. The way to recover from that was to recreate the topics manually by posting them and renaming them one at a time. This is why it took so long to be back up and it's also the reason you will notice that all the topics created after april 2005 have my name as the author in the topic list instead of their real authors. Inside the topics themselves you'll see the real author as the first poster. As I learn more about databases I might find a way to fix this (manually at least) as I am sure there is. Also note that the missing topics were all recreated in General Discussion, I then tried to the best of my ability to put them back in their appropriate forums.

For now though accept my apologies for the mess and if you'd be so kind, please report any odd behavior and misplaced topics in the Forums Discussion board.

Note that the boards have been updated to the latest version of phpBB2 and that visual confirmation have been activated on registeration to the boards.
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