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Up and running

Postby Mnrogar » Thu Jun 12, 2008 10:09 pm

After an unending saga of problems with the previous host, the website and message boards are now hosted on slickproductions.org. Big thanks go to Hypher at slickproducitons for hosting, Lenophis for putting me in contact with him and Assassin putting me in contact with Lenophis and for kicking me in the butt to start this all over again.

So you can now use mnrogar.slickproductions.org (and mnrogar.com when domain forwarding is working which I'm trying to get working properly...) as the address for the main website.

I restored the last database I had which I hope includes everything until the boards last went down but I can't be sure. If you see anything specific missing and can provide me something to do a search with, go right ahead.

After restoring the database I upgraded the boards to phpBB 3.0.1 so enjoy the new features and new look. I edited the default style to have the user info block on the left side of the posts so you can feel right at home.;) The address for the boards is now mnrogar.slickproductions.org/phpBB3

Update your links!

The old phpBB2 board and database is still in existence but closed, just consider it an extra backup measure...

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